“Victorian” Turquoise Ring


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The only jeweler in the Wichita tribe who works in precious metals – a medium rarely seen among Plains tribes – she learned the rudiments from her late husband, noted jeweler, Herbert Taylor.

Since 1996, Dina has been showing her award-winning jewelry at major Native art shows, such as the Santa Fe Indian Market, and Heard Museum Show, in his memory.

Before that, she was drawing, from an early age, and later made beadwork, which is a traditional art form of her tribe.

This spectacularly lovely ring features a gorgeous, natural turquoise in a high-rounded egg shape.

The large stone is natural, from the Sleeping Beauty mine, with its characteristic, radiant, robin’s egg blue hue.

Surrounding the exceptional stone is a beautiful, scalloped silver base, that is stamped, textured with very fine lines, polished, and overlaid.

Tiny dots are stamped into each lobe of the scallops, referring to drops of water.

Dina’s work is usually just as feminine as she is: the graceful shape of the silver and the fine combination of textured and polished curves is reminiscent of a Victorian locket.

A chiseled bezel supports the stone, with more parallel lines, to suggest rainfall.

This theme of blessed rain is continued on the shank: polished silver, in rain symbols, is overlaid on a minutely chiseled background of tiny parallel lines, also representing rainfall.

All the silverwork glistens as if wet with falling water.

With that splendid turquoise and its equally fine silverwork, this ring is guaranteed to attract admiration.

It is not only extraordinary in looks, but it is also beautifully flattering on the finger – any finger.

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