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Vibrant Figural Pendant


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Byron wended his way to jewelry via tutelage by a student of the legendary Charles Loloma, and… a degree in photography.

After graduation from the IAIA in Santa Fe, he was additionally mentored, notably by the late, great Gibson Nez,

His visual gifts transferred brilliantly to the three-dimensional art of jewelry.

Byron says “my work sings for me.” His brilliant use of color, and mastery of technique, makes his jewelry “sing” to others; his exquisite work is highly sought-after.

This dazzling pendant is a wonderful mix of first-rate stones, cut and inlaid by hand, of course, in finely worked sterling silver.

It is reminiscent of a figure: the horizontal, oval of natural red coral serves as the head, and the body is covered with a mosaic of colorful stones, as if wrapped in a Native blanket.

Deepest blue lapis, red coral, and a stone of particularly intense, natural turquoise, are set in a a lively, animated pattern.

The silver, in which these gorgeous stones are set, is fastidiously worked, with amazingly regular chiseling in the bezels containing the inlaid stones.

Tiny silver domes, and two stamped half circles, decorate the coral “head” while a polished and raised silver border edges the darkened, flat silver base.

Even the bail, gleaming and polished, is chiseled, to relate to the toothed bezels.

It will pass over beads up to 3/8″ in diameter, so you have a wide choice of chains, collars heishi, or beads.

Along with the saturated hues of bluest blue lapis, and dark coral red, the punctuation piece of rich teal turquoise adds another visual impact.

All the remarkable stones are epitomes of their kind, and entirely natural.

Sized for wearability, the astonishing richness of the the stones’ hues, and the energy of their asymmetrical pattern, make this a memorable statement piece.

Best of all, this splendidly vibrant pendant looks fabulous with the clothes you wear every day, as well as on those special occasions.

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Natural Lapis and Turquoise, Natural Red Coral, Sterling Silver


2 3/4" L x 1" W | Bail is 3/8" Diameter