Very Heavy-Gauge Silver Twist Cuff


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Picuris Pueblo is not generally known for its artists, but the times they are a-changin’!

This young man’s talent shines as brightly as his Tiwa name, “Red Sun”, and we are sure he will be very well known in the future.

His gleaming bracelet is astoundingly impressive in its style, its workmanship, and its unusually thick gauge of silver.

It is measured as “0 gauge”, the next-to-the-heaviest measurement of silver for jewelry.

The artist calls his first series of jewelry “Dragon Scale”, and the peaked facets on the intertwined silver bars are meant to resemble the scaly skin of a dragon.

The design is a modern twist on the traditional silver twist bracelets of old (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun).

However, it is much bolder, thicker, more complex, and more beautiful than the originals.

Cut with wonderful regularity, the facets on each of the brilliantly polished silver bars gleam and glisten in various places, as the light hits the intricately braided design.

The workmanship is immaculate, the finish on the silver, as well, and the updated interpretation of a well-known classic design is superb.

Here is a bracelet that is traditional in inspiration and design, but looks chic, modern and gorgeous, well-suited to the 21st century.

A young jeweler has seemingly sprung from nowhere, but this amazing bracelet signals that he will certainly be on the awards radar, very soon.

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