Variscite Pendant


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Variscite is “a relatively rare phosphate mineral” that is often used in jewelry, instead of turquoise which it can resemble. Often, it is found in Utah.

This elegant, large stone is beautifully set in textured silver by the famed painter, jeweler, activist and mentor, Ted Draper, Jr.

He also represents a bit of American history: his father, was one of the famed Navajo Code Talkers, who devised a code, based on the Navajo language, that was never broken by the Pacific enemy, in World War II. That led to the American victory in the Pacific.

The elongated and tapered oval is high and rounded, set against textured and glistening silver that follows its form in an irregular silhouette.

Five tiny, and tinier, domes of gleaming silver spark the upper edges of the silver surround, with two more at the base of the stone.

A curved silver form, at the very bottom, finishes the oval frame with inlaid variscite, including a teeny-tiny dot of the stone, attached at one side, below.

The stones are a limpid, soft green, with dramatic, dark matrix in a lacy pattern.

The artist has fabricated a rectangular bail, at the back, which can accommodate a collar, or beads, or a chain, 1/4″ to 3/8″ in diameter.

Like a deconstructed Victorian pendant, this piece is ladylike, but with an edge.

Interesting stone, and wonderfully creative setting, by a celebrated jeweler. Be prepared to explain the stone!

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Natural Variscite, Sterling Silver


1 3/4" L x 1 1/8" W