Variscite “Concho” Bracelet

Robert Johnson


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His career as a silversmith started when he was a young teen, buffing his parent’s handmade sterling silver beads.

Mentored by the late, and great, Kirk Smith, Robert found his own niche creating jewelry in the traditional Navajo style, but in his  own designs, as here.

This bracelet is a showstopper, with its size, repousse work, fluted bead-lets, and stunning stones.

New Landers variscite is a close relative of turquoise, but lacks a few chemicals to deserve that definition.

It comes from Utah, near the fabled Landers turquoise mine.

The natural stones in this bracelet are remarkable for the dramatic contrast between the bold, black matrix and the soft green of the body.

Both in their large size, and the astonishing coloration and patterns, these are exceptional stones.

The artist has featured them in antiqued silver, concho-like settings, each one in a shape that subtly echoes the shape of the stone it surrounds.

The plain bezel that holds each stone is surrounded by a narrow twisted silver rope; carefully pushed- out ovals form a frame, resembling the style of a concho belt.

Two tiny, fluted, silver beads separate the side elements from the center,on top and bottom.

The three stones, and their settings, are attached to a classic three-bar cuff.

Air circulates around the open parts of the cuff, for comfort. This design also reduces the weight on your wrist.

Not only a dazzling design, the bracelet is flawless in execution.

Just like old Navajo jewelry, this bracelet evokes a  “Wow” from whomever sees it.

And, just like old  Navajo jewelry, it is meant for men or women, equally.

With remarkable stones and incredible design, this is a neo-traditional bracelet that is a classic of its own.

If this gorgeous bracelet fits, you are lucky, whoever you are!

(And, if you want to up the oomph: there are matching earrings available, with the same fabulous stones. Just ask us.)

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