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“Vandalized History” Record Painting


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Ishkoten Dougi studied fine arts at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe; he’s shown with iconic native artists from Tony Abeyta to Fritz Scholder.

He is Jicarilla Apache and Navajo, a celebrated painter, sculptor, and Artist, with a capital A.

This abstract piece is painted on an old LP record (remember vinyl?), featuring the Beatles.

The title, “Vandalized History”, refers to the vandalization of a historical piece that does not have value to the person vandalizing it, in this particular case, this Native American artist (and many other Native Americans) in the America of today, a commentary on colonialism.

The act of painting on a record of some value is twofold, with the previously mentioned reference to colonialism and the thought that one day, these kinds of materials might be all that’s left to paint on, and if you must express your feelings that way then you may see more value in using a record or something else of monetary value as a venue for your expression than for its intended use or collectability.

Included in the painting are the words Apache, eggs, water rights, and Red Power. Red Power was the campaign for Native awareness, originating in the 1960s. The geometric symbols on the left side of the record are the buttons from a Playstation controller.

This piece is full of meaningful social commentary displayed for all to see in the artist’s iconic and recognizable style.

Totally unique, this is a one-of-a-kind expression that will stand out in any collection!

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Vinyl Record, Acrylic Paint


11 7/8"