Upright Eagle Sculpture

Victor Vigil


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An icon for all Americans, including Natives, the eagle is characterized as fierce, and majestic.

For Natives, the eagle is also sacred; it flies so high in the sky it is believed to carry prayers and hopes up to the spirits.

That is why so many pieces of Native art, in many mediums, feature eagle feathers.

Victor Vigil is famed for his carvings of animals at the top of the food chain and regarded as protectors, such as bears, and buffalo.

This monumental sculpture captures the eagle’s untamed power, and its regal grace, as well.

The natural alabaster is both textured and polished, suggesting the eagle’s dark head and light-colored body.

The predatory head is beautifully carved in great, and realistic, detail.

The expression is alert, and the great wings are gracefully furled, but raised, as if the bird is about to take off, or has just landed.

With artistic sense and great expertise, the artist has created a sculpture that honors the strength and beauty of this iconic American symbol.

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