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Unique Polychrome Butterfly Pot


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After the Spaniards returned to power, following the Pueblo Revolt of the late 1600’s, some Pueblo Indians fled south, to escape the retribution of the conquerors.

They settled in what is now northern Mexico.

Ever since the accidental rediscovery of historic pottery shards, in the 1960’s, the pottery of Casas Grande, where they lived, has become more and more assured and creative.

This piece is an example of how far these descendants of Pueblo Indians have come, in asserting and perfecting their own styles.

The pottery is made just like their kinfolk’s pots, up north: hand gathered local clays, mixed, coiled, smoothed by hand, and decorated with natural colors and some commercial paint; fired in the ground, or in portable kilns.

Here is a unique form, beautifully finished and burnished; partly decorated with incised lines that reveal the underlying beige clay,it is painted in a marvelously earthy palette of warm and subtle hues.

The butterflies that flit around the piece, are both incised, and painted; each one different.

Impressionistic clouds of color cover the background, adding to the feeling of movement.

Unique in form and in decoration, this is a very appealing and innovative piece of pottery.

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Hand Processed Local Clay, Natural and Commercial Pigments


6 1/2" H X 4 1/8" Diameter