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“Unfolding Blessings”


Turquoise and golden-red patina-ed bronze sculpture. Large swirl on black granite base.

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Estella Loretto is an esteemed, nationally honored sculptor, famed for her monumental stone and bronze works. We are pleased to have this beautiful, abstract bronze sculpture, placed to swivel on its base. The form is reminiscent of a celestial comet, streaking across the sun, with its tail unfolding behind it. The base of polished black granite reinforces the effect of deep space.

However, the artist has titled this gorgeous work “Unfolding Blessings”, so the image  is metaphorical. The combination of turquoise and golden red suggests the sky/water and the sun – a traditional pairing that represents the balance of Nature. Enough water, along with sunshine, is a blessing for tribes in the high desert; there will be an abundant harvest. Happiness, good health, prosperity and happiness follow.

The form is dynamic, with great energy, emphasized by the edging of black, around each swirl. The flamboyant patination of the sun-circle is exquisitely shaded from red at the top, to golden orange around the spiral. It seems to glow incandescently, like a sunset. And, there are real gold spatters around the spiral, as well smaller accents sparkling elsewhere on the piece. The patina has been manipulated like paint; it looks like the colors (including turquoise) have been slathered on with a palette knife, resulting in a wonderful texture.

The water/sky fans are predominantly turquoise, but here too, the color is composed of a spattering of black, white, and more, as well as the blue-green. There are tiny circles of red-orange and bits of gold around the bottom right, and each plume ends with a sprinkling of gold and warm color, against the black background.

On the reverse, black-edged, spattered turquoise curls around a smoothly concave, russet-edged, creamy moon-like form. Notice that the large, tapered swoop of turquoise is edged in a stepped form – symbol of rain. Little stars appear here and there, toward the edges, so the round, full-moon effect is emphasized. These stars also refer to the hope that the blessings unfolding in this piece extend to all four corners of the earth.

As befits an artist of her standing, every detail is perfect: the design is imaginative, as well as handsome and manages to combine traditional symbols and meaning with contemporary abstraction.The execution is flawless, incorporating masterful command of the bronze medium and the various elements of patina. Bring this celestial piece to you mantel, table desk or shelf and enjoy the heavenly blessing of beauty.

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13 1/2" high x 13 3/8" wide, Base is 8" diameter


Bronze, Granite