“UFO” Necklace Set


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Emma Carviso was a nurse at the Indian Hospital at Fort Wingate, New Mexico. In her off-time, she was an exceptional and creative silversmith, although, like many others, not a household name.

Sadly, Emma passed away, prematurely, and her husband, Wilton, has taken up the fabrication of one of her signature styles, this gorgeous “UFO” necklace.

Silver disk necklaces were quite popular in the 1990s and later; none were as reversible and versatile – and beautiful – as Emma’s design.

Substantial half-domes of 14-karat gold are nestled inside a flattened bead of sterling silver, with the surrounding silver darkened, for an elegant contrast.

In a creative epiphany, the Carvisos overlapped the shadowboxed disks, so you can flip over one, some, or all of them, while still wearing the necklace!  That, for one, differentiated this ingenious design from the run-of-the-mill.

The reverse side is a pristine, flattened round of glistening silver, less opulent than the gold and silver combination, but just as beautiful.

With impeccable fabrication – by hand, of course – the smooth surfaces shimmer with polished, warm gold and icy silver.

Someone termed the design “UFO”, but it might also be inspired by the sun in a wintry sky.

This one necklace can be worn so many ways, it is almost an entire jewelry wardrobe in itself.

Wear the silver side to work, then flip it over for an evening outing; flip only the largest, center disk, showcase some, but not others, etc.

You can also wear the earrings together with the necklace, or separately – another bonus.

Aside from the understated splendor of the necklace, you will find it fun to play around with the myriad variations possible with this extraordinary necklace and matching earrings.

With different looks possible, you will find you wear this refined necklace much more than anticipated at first.

Enjoy remarkable creativity, solid technique and beautiful design.

PS The earrings are clips, at the moment, but can be changed into posts, if required.

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Sterling Silver I 14-Karat Gold


Earrings are 1" Diameter, Largest bead is 1 1/8" Diameter, 19" L