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Tyrone Turquoise Buckle


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Astonishingly precise silver work, balanced, pleasing design and fine stones are hallmarks of this well-known jeweler’s work. And this beautiful buckle has it all! What makes this piece especially notable is the centerpiece, a natural, spiderweb turquoise from the Tyrone mine in southern New Mexico. This rare stone is found around a copper mine, just as the famed Bisbee turquoise is; the proximity creates the characteristic intense blue hue. The silver frame surrounding it is remarkable, as well.Traditional rain and feather elements are transformed by artistry and skill into a dazzlingly symmetrical, modern design. A shadow box setting separates and emphasizes the rare stone; hand-cut borders further set it apart. Incredibly even, stylized feathers create a hypnotic rhythm on the sides, with curvaceous, plump rain motifs – very good luck symbols. Tradition is transformed into an eye-catching, modern, elegant but non-formal, look with a stone few people will have.

Sterling Silver, Natural Tyrone Turquoise

Width: 3″ Height: 2″