“Two Trees in River”

Chris Peshlakai



A young, self-taught artist who concentrates on richly detailed landscapes, Chris comes from a notable family of artists, in various media, and grew up on the Navajo land around Cuba, New Mexico.

The incredible detail and interesting perspectives in his paintings elevate them from merely realistic to other-worldly. The powerful sense of serenity and scale produces an almost dream-like feeling.

This nicely sized watercolor is a bit different from his acrylics, oils and gouaches. The palette is soft and tender, predominantly pale blues, greens and golds, like the early hours of dawn, or the “blue hour” just after sunset.

The mood is also gently poetic, matching the color scheme. The leaves on the trees, the leafless trees in the background, and the rocks are depicted with delicate precision.

The rest of the landscape and sky-scape is more impressionistic; a flock of birds high in the sky is also softly delineated.

Full of light and the peaceful silence of Nature, this lovely watercolor is as restful as it is beautiful.

The custom matte and frame are archival, so there will be no deterioration of the paper or paint.

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