Two-Tone Piggy Fetish


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This little pig is very piggy: Proportions, details – like his snout, ears and tail – and even the ruddy hue of the stone, are all porcine-true.

One exception? His turquoise eyes. These bright blue accents point up the rosy dolomite stone, with a nicely vivid contrast.

Carved with care for the beauty of the stone, as well as the realism of the subject, this fetish is polished to a touchable finish.

With his rounded and slightly concave form, he would make a fine worry-bead, too; hard to stop caressing him.

For a pig collector, a pig owner, or a pig-farmer, this little pig is a wonderful companion/guardian.

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Natural Dolomite


1 7/8" L x 1 5/8" H x 3/8" deep