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Two-Tone Inlaid Cuff


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A highly collected, prolific artist, he is noted for creativity, effortless technique and meticulous inlay.

His natural stones are often inlaid in patterns and colors that are unexpected.

This serenely dramatic cuff is a beautiful example, pairing mellow, aqua turquoise with…copper ore.

The lovely, natural turquoise is full of varying degrees of a toasty, golden tan matrix.

Copper’s warm, ruddy brown is perfectly compatible with the matrix, in a deeper tone.

Move the bracelet around, and the light reveals tiny flashes of pure copper in every reddish-brown segment.

Apart from the unusual and felicitous color combination, this handsome cuff gets its special appeal from the artistic arrangement of the individually inlaid, smooth stones.

The seemingly random placement of different sized rectangles and squares, gives the piece a livelier pattern than if all were the same.

Horizontal and vertical stones also appear here and there, and this adds even more to the subliminally pleasing pattern.

Gleaming silver channels separate the turquoise and copper stones, bringing the sparkling, polished silver edges into the main body of the cuff.

Adroit selection of natural turquoise with different degrees of matrix, and lighter of darker hues, completes the artful composition.

Warm and cool, patterned and plain; this bracelet is a remarkable example of this major artist’s  work.

Wear it all the time,View productwith everything, and be the first of your block to wear copper ore!

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Copper, Sterling Silver and Natural Turquoise

Cuff Size

5 3/4"

Gap Size


Wrist Size

6 5/8"