Two Tone Black Vase

Madeline Naranjo


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With a name that evokes her famed grandmother, this younger member of the extended Naranjo family of potters is maintaining their highly respected name.

Like this lovely vase, her work is known for crisp carving,  stone-polished surfaces, and voluptuously simple shapes.

This beautifully rotund vase is two-tone black ware: carved and stone polished at the top, smooth and matte on the bottom half.

Fabricated entirely by hand, according to tradition, the hand-gathered, -mixed, -coiled, -smoothed, and stone-polished clay was pit-fired.

The gracefully tapered and curved panels give it a charming sense of motion, which is contained by the incised horizontal, across the waist.

And, there is a surprise: the bottom of the pot is also carved and stone-polished, in a similar, but broader pattern, completely integrating the design.

A delightful, contemporary vision, created through traditional methods.