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Two-Tone Avanyu Jar


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Like her mother-in-law, Rose Gonzales, this artist married into San Ildefonso Pueblo and its pottery tradition.

However, she had already learned the “spiritual significance of the clay” from her mother and grandmother at Zia Pueblo.

Again like her mother-in-law, she is an innovator and experimenter developing dual tones, sgrafitto designs, and inlaid stones.

She is also given credit for promoting the use of micaceous clay slips.

This resplendent jar shows her special touches: the red clay rim, which requires a re-firing, and the handsome inlaid turquoise for the Avanyu’s (Water Serpent) eye.

The stone polished areas are a nice contrast to the matte, mica-flecked, carved band.

Dora Tse-Pe was honored as a”Master” of Santa Fe Indian Market, and this is, indeed, a masterful piece.


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Inlaid Natural Turquoise, Natural Handmade Clay and Micaceous Clay Slip


4 1/4" H x 3" diameter