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Two-Sided Silver Seed Pot


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A third-generation jeweler, it would seem that his ancestors were known for their silver work way before his grandparents’ day: “Platero” means “silversmith” in Spanish.

His genes are in wonderful evidence, here, in this beautiful little silver seed pot. Perfectly formed, delicately stamped in a pictorial design, it can be displayed on either side.

On the side with the raised neck, four sinuous dancers are seen, with tablitas, flowing robes, and lines showing their power, radiating at the bottom.

Jagged arrow fragments are at one side of each figure. Broken arrows signify peace.

Between each dancer, a trefoil shape at the bottom suggests a growing cornstalk, with tiny dots above it, like rain. An arrowhead, referring to alertness and direction, is at the top.

These symbols are not only graceful and pretty, they reinforce the ancient use of a seed pot: to winter seeds until planting season renews.

Seeds represent the promise of a happy harvest, and happy, healthy people, so these are good luck signs.

A row of scalloped stamps forms a sweet border at the edge of the pot.

On the reverse side, which can easily be displayed, as well, a center flower form has a cloud and rain symbol below it, on four sides, with dots representing raindrops.

Again, there is a broken arrow, and an arrowhead stamped here and there, along with the artist’s name and “sterling”.

The signature and silver mark are both so discreet, they blend right in with the design.

Beauty and good luck, both contained in this graceful and expertly made seed pot.

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Sterling Silver


2" diameter