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Two Sided Crow Mother


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This young carver consistently brings in high quality carvings with a very individual twist, at remarkably good value. This wonderful Crow Mother is a splendid example.Crow Mother is called the Mother of all kachinas, by most Hopi. She (actually danced by a he, in the ceremony) appears in the Powamu ceremony, marking the start of the planting season, a very important rite. Crow Mother is usually portrayed with a basket of corn, but this artist has chosen an earlier role: at the start of Powamu, she supervises the initiation of children into the kachina culture.This is an excellent carving. Actually it is twice as excellent as most; uniquely, the artist has created a double image, so you see the entire front of the Crow Mother no matter which side is visible. Every finely carved detail is identical: the ropy headdress with crow feathers, the fur ruff, the turquoise, coral and clamshell necklace, and turquoise ring on the hand holding yucca leaves, down to the embroidered sash and blanket designs – except the color of the moccasin peeping out from the draped hemline, and the pattern of the hem on her manta (dress). Artistic license, we think. Appropriate to the season and the ceremony, her blanket is decorated with flowers, green color and stepped rain designs, symbolizing hope for a good growing season. The black manta is gracefully draped, and the artist has suggested the arm under the blanket in a near-realistic way. Notice the flowing curve of the outer blanket, which repeats the gentle diagonals on the manta and the wings.Another beautiful combination of realism and abstraction by this gifted artist, and a marvelously individual portrayal of this major kachina.

Cotton Wood and Natural Paints

4″ Diameter Base Width: 4″ Height: 10 1/2″ Depth: 2″