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Two-Gun Caballero Rooster


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Cowboy Chicken, or chicken cowboy? This delightful folk art piece is hand carved, hand painted, and a visual pun, to boot (s?).Decked out in snazzy, resplendent boots, which are beautifully detailed, with a fancy two-gun holster around his….whatever passes for a rooster’s hips, he presents a fine figure of a fowl.

From his magnificent sombrero to his brilliant blue plumage, he is an imposing figure – except for his startled, apprehensive expression. Which brings us back to the first question, above.

Whatever the answer, he is a vivid, amusing, decorative, and quintessential piece of Navajo folk art and humor. A Southwest fowl through and through, as can be seen in his turquoise and red coloration, he is marvelously carved and painted, with meticulous and unusual detail. This caballero will brighten your home or office even on cloudy days.


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Paint, Wood


11" high x 4 3/8" wide x 7" deep