Two Grey Hills Rug

Zonnie Yazzie


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A masterful rug that is exceptional in many ways.

The weaver is, besides obviously talented, a quiet, unassuming older lady who speaks little English. Her daughter usually does the talking for her.

Zonnie Yazzie’s marvelous weavings are entirely traditional, with wool that starts on her sheep and ends up on your floor.

Tediously transforming a mass of dirty fluff to a masterwork of design and execution, she shears, cards, spins the fleece, and, eventually, weaves the resulting yarn.

All this process is by hand. The intricate pattern was in her mind, then in her hands on the loom, without any sketch, pattern or template.

The greys, black and white are natural fleece; the dark maroon accents and the warm tan are vegetal dyes.

The perfect clarity of each element of this complex design is astonishing, especially considering the large size.

Beautifully balanced and symmetrical, the overall design is full of interest and animation.

Warm, but neutral, it fits into any decor; noticeable, but not domineering.

This is another example of a “traditional” Navajo pattern that was influenced by pictures of oriental rugs, displayed by trading post owners in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

They encouraged the Native weavers to adapt the look, since tourists, then, were more likely to respond to rugs that seemed familiar, and not too exotic.

The gifted weavers were able to look at the designs and nimbly interpret them within their own cultural parameters.

This rug is a stunner; classic, yet individual in its details and coloration.

A true heirloom that reaches back in history, but looks gorgeous now, and into the future.



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