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“Two Bears with Corn Planters Dream” Soft Sculpture


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This gifted artist is immersed in a series of soft wall sculptures, ready to embellish your wall. This is his latest, full of good luck symbols.

The base is an abstracted figural form. Beautifully painted canvas forms the well-filled body.

Deerskin, natural twigs and feathers, even buttons, complete the intricate and harmonious design.

This handsome piece is pleasingly balanced between warm and cool colors, matte and metallic finishes, and a marvelous variety of shapes and forms, as well.

Two, separate, small sculptures of bears add three dimensions to the figure.

Bears are signs of protection, blessing, and hunting prowess. (The title, by the way, is the artist’s; painted on the back.)

Each bear is painted with a zig-zag pattern denoting flowing water, a great blessing in the desert.

The figure itself is topped with natural feathers, has a button for a mouth, and wears a painted necklace.

White dots around the neck may represent rain drops, as well as the small gold dots around the forehead.

Water spirals and crosses adorn the top third of the body – again, great good luck.

Crosses mean prayers for the blessing of water to reach all four corners of the earth.

A belt of buttons, like abstract conchos, divides the top from the next section, which contains a wealth of good luck symbols.

Two metallic gold cornstalks rise staunchly from a row of orange dots. Corn symbolizes good health, happiness and abundance.

A large water spiral, above and between them, and two smaller ones at the sides, indicate the importance of water for thriving crops.

Dragonflies flit over the dark blue background – more symbols of water, and therefore, good luck.

Two metallic silver eagles soar among the cornstalks, as well, carrying prayers and thanks up to the heavens.

More dots that refer to raindrops fill the bottom portion.

Here, the brown background suggests the earth, from which the corn grows, and which complements the blue of water and sky, above.

The bent twigs at the top resemble a rainbow, while the natural twigs at each side are further symbols of the earth, and trees.

Deerskin tassels add another element of abundance and good health – luck in hunting meat.

The palette ranges from bright to dark, with regular punches of light golden tones; the overall pattern is full of energy.

There is a nice balance of textures between the painted canvas and the deerskin, twigs, and buttons.

A strikingly decorative and imaginative piece  by this accomplished artist, demonstrating wonderful multi-media skill.

This is a delightful show-stopper, alone, or as part of an arrangement of art.

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Acrylic Paint, Canvas, Deerskin, Natural Feathers, Twigs | Buttons |Thread


29 1/2" L x 8 1/2" W x 2 3/4" Deep