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Twin Turtle Fetish


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As if they were in the ocean, or a river, these beautifully carved turtles seem to be dancing through the water.

Intricately carved into a single piece of naturally shed antler, Max’s skill and attention to detail bring these aquatic creatures to life.

Their eyes are not simply etched into the antler. Instead, tiny pieces of turquoise are inlaid, bringing a bit of vivid color to this small but stunning piece of art.

The details on the flippers and shells add a layer of realism to this wonderful fetish, making it both fanciful and naturalistic!

No wonder the artist has received many honors! (Along with his late brother, Pernell, Max is credited with being among the first to create realistic fetish carvings.)

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Natural antler, Turquoise


1 3/8" x 1 7/16"