Twin Corn Maidens


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To Pueblo people, corn is the equivalent of the buffalo to Plains tribes: the symbol of life itself, bringing good health, happiness and abundance.

Therefore, corn maidens are considered very good luck symbols, and also tokens of gratitude for that divine gift.

This handsome double Corn Maiden is carved from one piece of stabilized turquoise, in a vivid, true blue-green turquoise shade.

Their long hair is carved in a tapered form, with parallel lines suggestive of rainfall (necessary for corn to thrive).

Each one wears a blanket, crossed over in front,and decorated  with “embroidery” at the edges. Black jet is inlayed for their eyes.

Tiny little domes of natural red coral embellish each maiden, adding sparks of vibrant, contrasting color.

Coral and turquoise symbolize the earth, and the sky and water, respectively; combined, they balance nature.

This is a colorful and traditional carving of an iconic symbol of good luck.

Large, and vibrant enough to command attention, it will brighten your shelf, table, mantel, or desk.

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2 3/4" H x 2" W x 1" Deep


Natural Jet, Natural Red Coral, Stabilized Natural Turquoise