Turtles and Flowers Jar


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This lovely jar shows this celebrated potter’s graceful approach to design, and total control of her medium.

The colors are all natural clay slips and/or plant-derived; the clay is hand made, hand-coiled, hand burnished and painted, and pit-fired, of course.

Incised scalloped water symbols flow all around and below the turtles; the dark scalloped lines at the bottom likewise represent water.

The combination of turtles and flowers symbolize the abundant plant life that water enables.

Various other motifs represent water spirals, the four corners of the earth, rain clouds, wind, etc. All very good luck!

The rich texture and patterning of the piece derives from the combination of sgrafitto – etched and carved areas, plus marvelous color and composition of motifs.

The all-over design subtly divides the jar into separate areas, with repetition of lines and colors that hold the whole together in lovely harmony.

The combination of angular lines and round forms are adroitly managed for maximum visual appeal.

Like an embroidered tapestry, the designs form a richly satisfying range of textures and color.

The burnished cream background softly unites all the disparate elements, and the elegant form of the piece is beautifully emphasized by the decoration.

The incised cornstalk on the bottom is both the artist’s clan sign and signature, and a further emphasis on the beneficial power of water.

A lovely balance of color and subtle texture, this graceful piece has meaning as well as beauty.

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