Turtle Seed Pot



This is a really fetching piece: the beautifully painted turtle seems very intent on protecting the (theoretical) seeds inside! Daughter of famed sculptor Cliff Fragua, Tablita has opted to exercise her artistic gifts in pottery, rather than stone. The painting of the shell is clear, crisp, and fits the shape of the piece perfectly. Totally covering the top of the gracefully formed pot, it is particularly decorative when viewed from above. Along with the head, four little paws and a delightfully curled tail extend over the sides, also meticulously painted. The piece is covered with a slip of micaceous clay, creating a nice contrast between the sparkling background and the matte paint of the turtle. Any little white dots showing in the photos are glints of mica. The elegant form of the pot, the charming and very graphic painting, and the mellow palette all work together to create a wonderful little seed pot by an accomplished potter.

Natural Handmade Clay and Paint

Height: 2″ Diameter: 4″