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Turtle Fetish with Offering


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Master carver Ray Tsalate has created a stunning turtle figure, with his usual skill, artistry and whimsy. Carved from a solid piece of natural antler, and polished to caressable perfection, this wonderful turtle is standing on his hind flippers, and offering a medicine bundle, in supplication to the spirits. Adorably naturalistic, from his pointed beak to his round tummy, to his fat little tail, he is gorgeously adorned, unlike most turtles, with natural red coral and turquoise. These are embedded in the equally realistic back; one tiny but vibrant stone to each segment of the shell, and a glorious blue turquoise smack in the center. Atop his head, a fossil ivory eagle feather testifies to the ceremonial nature of his action. Affixed with sterling wire, the feather is just as carefully and realistically carved as the rest of the figure. In his front flippers he holds the offering: a gold mother of pearl feather fan, and a natural red coral branch. His expression is sweetly solemn, with his dark brown, pen shell eyes gazing up to the heavens. Inlaid dots of pen shell form his toes, as well (this turtle has toes; artistic license). Whimsical, appealing, and colorful, this turtle is also an awe-inspiring feat of carving. Total mastery of his chosen medium has brought Ray Tsalate a sheaf of awards and legions of delighted collectors. Here is an exceptional carving that will bring you, and everyone who sees it, a smile and great pleasure.

Natural Elk Antler, Red Coral, Turquoise, Gold Mother of Pearl, Fossilized Ivory, and Pen Shell; Sterling Silver

Width: 1 3/4″ Height: 2 7/8″ Depth: 3 3/4″