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Turtle Antler Carving


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A tour-de-force carving, this turtle is all one piece – base and all. Esteban is noted for his unusual antler carvings.

With minutely realistic details, the turtle’s head, shell, scaly legs and grasping feet (paws? flippers?) are carefully and beautifully carved.

Turtles are associated with the very good luck of rain, since they live in and around water. They are also considered a link to the Zuni ancestors, maybe because they tend to live a long time, and look prehistoric.

This antler turtle is a unique interpretation, walking carefully along. The carving is remarkable, the details are naturalistic and precise.

A very unusual, and very fine, fetish carving.



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Natural antler


2 1/8" H x 1 3/8" W x 1" deep