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Turquoise Teardrop Pendant


Pretty, teardrop pendant set with pillowed, spider web, natural, Number 8 turquoise in lovely blue. Decorative silver work included, toothed, bezel set in narrow shadowbox, with chiseled “snake” border and chiseled outer edge notched toward the top, ending in a crown of graduated half beads, highly polished. Bail is chiseled in 3 vertical lines, to harmonize. Victorian effect.

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One of the older Vandever brothers, Wil is also one of the best known and particularly accomplished (except, of course, for our resident Master jeweler, Alvin). This enchantingly decorative and delicate pendant is one of a series he recently brought in.

Meticulous silver work surrounds and sets off the high, pillowed stone, echoing the graceful teardrop form, in three concentric rows. The fine turquoise is natural, and a lovely, gentle blue color, covered with spiderweb-patterned matrix. It comes from the Number 8 mine, in Nevada, one of the most desirable of all turquoise.

Each row of the surrounding silver is different; each row, like the entire ring, is fabricated by hand. The proportions of the stone and the silver are very graceful, and the effect is dainty, because of the size, the proportions, and the delicate silver work, although it is entirely sturdy.

A chiseled, toothed bezel supports the beautiful, raised stone, in a narrow shadowbox. Around the shadowbox is a rounded and chiseled “necklace”, then a flat, chiseled border at the outside. This is topped with five, graduated silver dome-lets that sparkle in the light. Even the bail is chiseled, to harmonize with the rest. With its demure proportions, and graceful form, the pendant has a feminine, almost Victorian look.

Classic Navajo style, in a refined design, with superior silver work, and an exceptional stone. Since the natural, Number 8 turquoise is so sought-after, this pendant is an unheard-of value, too!

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Natural Number 8 Turquoise, Sterling Silver


1 7/8" long, 1" wide, including bail