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Turquoise “Tablita” Pin


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One of the most high-profile artists in a large and respected family of jewelers, Jolene has literally carved her own niche. Her father, Ben Eustace, was famous for his carved turquoise leaves in the 1970’s; she continues the tradition in her own, award-winning way.

Leaves are still hand-carved, natural turquoise; the settings are still hand-wrought sterling silver, but hammered and textured with a rugged, archaic look. An additional innovation of hers is the use of gold accents, which bring warmth and glitter to the piece.

There are some exquisite details in this arresting design: notice the gold half- circle; it corresponds exactly to the hammered silver half-circle just below it. There are two little gold domes at the top of the pendant, and two polished silver domes at the very top of the piece, bringing the eye up and around the whole composition. The shape of the top is both stepped, as in a rain symbol, and scalloped at the top. This resembles the traditional tablita – the headdress worn by women in ceremonial dances. The gold and silver circle just below it, even might be a face! The scallops are repeated at the bottom of the carved turquoise pendant.

Clear blue, natural turquoise stones are a beautiful contrast to the rough-looking silver work. The center stone is a deeper, richer teal, from a different mine than the others. Jolene’s distinctive work has been recognized with many prizes and museum shows. You will attract many fascinated compliments wearing this unusually beautiful pin. (PS Pin it to a jacket’s lapel, a hat, a bag, a belt -wherever your creativity dictates.)

Sterling Silver, Natural Turquoise, 18K Gold

Width: 1 3/4″ Height: 2 1/4″

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Sterling Silver I Natural Turquoise I 18-Karat Gold




1 1/2"