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Turquoise Tab Necklace


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Flattering, heavenly blue turquoise in a frilly, modern interpretation of tradition that is also a fashionable look. We think this pretty necklace was made by the recently deceased Rose Medina, but we didn’t write that down…. Centuries before Native Americans used beads in their jewelry (much less made them) they adorned themselves with bits of turquoise that eroded or were laboriously shaped with primitive, hand made tools. Now, with modern methods, the style is similar but the result is infinitely more refined. The flattened round beads are seamlessly graduated, smallest at the top. The flurry of teardrop-shaped tabs are also subtly graduated in size. Some are slightly fuller or narrower, the result of cutting by hand. Each tab is individually attached, creating a delightfully jumbled, ruffled effect.

Stabilized Turquiose, Wire

Length: 17″