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Turquoise Sea Turtle Fetish


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An accomplished carver, along with his late brother Pernell, and nephew Derrick Kaamasee, Max is especially noted for carvings of animals. This sea turtle is the latest piece he brought in.

Turtles represent water, the most precious life-giving resource, and one which is scarce in the desert southwest. They also refer to longevity, so double good luck!

This marvelous turtle has been carved – by hand, of course – from one solid piece of turquoise. The black veins of matrix in the stabilized turquoise add to the impression of wrinkles, and emphasize the markings on the shell, all of which are also carved.

His beak, like the rest of the carving, is quite realistic. The only artistic license is using inlaid jet for the eyes, but it matches the markings of the turquoise.

With his good size, fine carving and vivid coloring, this turtle makes a very fine addition to your fetish collection, or the start of one.

A great addition to a turtle collection, as well.


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Jet, Stabilized Turquoise


2 1/2" L x 1 1/8" W x 5/8" H