Turquoise “Rock” Choker



Big, bold, and beautiful, this choker will lift your spirits, flatter every complexion, and add a big chunk of chic to your wardrobe, whether tee-shirt or make-an-impression suit.

The deliciously organic shapes of the turquoise look as if they were rounded and smoothed by decades of the elements, as if these “river rocks” lay under rushing water.

We lost the identity of the artist, but the dramatic size of the nuggets, and the vivid color, are typical of the artistic eye of Kenneth Aguilar.

However, we are not sure, so…the artist is listed as unknown.

The turquoise nuggets are natural, probably  from the Sleeping Beauty, or Kingman mines.

Of course, they are stabilized, to harden them, since nuggets of that size would cost a king’s ransom, if of the highest  grade.

Dramatic and fabulous, this is a necklace for extroverts, or anyone who loves the look.

Additional information


Stabilized Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver


16" long


Nuggets are about 1/2" to 1" all around