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Turquoise Raven in Cowboy Boots


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This raven is an amalgam of the carver’s southwestern origin and the Northwest Coast, where ravens are especially revered in tribal lore.


The artist has beautifully incorporated teal and turquoise designs at the top of each wing, with graduated brushstrokes of iridescent turquoise marks, on the feathers just below. On his head, a row of eagle-like feathers are painted, just below his eyes. These are definitely southwestern symbols, as is the elegant pair of cowboy boots!


The raven’s face, however, is very like Northwest Coast designs. From his imposing size to his proudly intent pose and handsome colors, this raven is a very special piece of folk sculpture. With a wonderful combination of carving and painting, this raven is a fine addition to your collection of folk art, sculpture, or birds. The idea is amusing, but he is much too dignified to be laughable.


A truly delightful, beautiful piece.



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Paint, Wood


11 3/4" long x 10 3/4" high x 3 3/8" deep