Turquoise Pony-Hoof Bracelet


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The combination of overlay silver and smoothly inlaid stones is a signature style for this versatile, highly reputed jeweler.

Using both inlay and tufa-cast techniques, it looks fabulous from every viewpoint.

Shaped like a pony’s hoof, the vivid stripe of inlaid, top quality, natural Morenci turquoise stones enlivens the bracelet.

These beautiful rectangles and squares are tapered, from largest at the top, to smallest at the ends, following the form of the silver itself.

The raised silver motifs form a decorative design of traditional petroglyph figures, with water spirals, stars, food animals, and the hand of blessing and protection.

These delicately “drawn”  elements form a spidery, lacy pattern that contrasts in texture and color with the resplendent stones.

The smooth surface and brilliant color of the natural, high -grade turquoise looks as if illuminated from within.

Various bits and patterns of matrix are seen, giving the stones even more depth and visual interest.

The fabrication of this striking bracelet is as complex as it is admirable.

The petroglyph-decorated, silver band is tufa cast, then applied to a band of plain silver and exquisitely finished.

Therefore, the edges are highly polished and apparently seamless.

The row of gorgeous turquoise stones are inlaid in a boxed silver band.

The two are formed into, seemingly, one piece, with only a slightly heavier weight to the inlaid part telling the tale of its intricate composition.

With gorgeous and splendid turquoise, masterful execution and a marvelous design, this cuff is an understated, extremely wearable, masterwork.

You will enjoy wearing it, often, and for many, many years to come.


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