Turquoise Mountain Bolo


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This veteran silversmith’s jewelry is known for a sense of balanced design and outstanding technique, both of which are obvious here.

As eye-catching as the silver work is, it serves to show off the remarkably beautiful, large, square natural turquoise.

The sensational stone is special, not only for its beautiful coloration, matrix pattern and size, but because it is hard enough to cut into a square.

This denotes the highest quality of turquoise. Set up high, it is securely held by an amazingly precise, hand-cut ,dentil bezel.

The flattened and curvy overlay pattern of the highly polished border represents feathers and rain signs; good luck symbols. The flowing design is dramatized by the contrast with the darkened background and shadowbox setting.

And, have you noticed the unusual arrangement of the piece? Square silver and turquoise is set on its ear to become a diamond shape.

This makes the gorgeous stone, and exceptional silver design, even more noticeable. Simple, subtly chiseled hand made tips maintain attention on the bolo and its fine turquoise.

Traditional symbols and materials, made modern by skill and artistry.

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2 5/8"


2 5/8"

Leather Cord



Leather, Natural Turquoise Mountain Turquoise, Sterling Silver