Turquoise Mosaic Ring

Gilbert Begay


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A rainbow of stones with a shank of unusual design, in an elegant proportion – perfectly beautiful.

The artist is one of the many relatively unsung jewelers who regularly produce beautiful work that is meticulously made.

This lovely ring demonstrates that the artist has as sure a hand with inlay, as he does with overlay silver, for which he is primarily known.

A mosaic of heavenly blue turquoise forms most of the face, with an inlaid band of lapis, red coral, and velvety sugilite at the top.

The effect is of a rainbow over the ancient adobe brickwork of Anasazi ruins.

Deeply chiseled ‘wings” extend on either side, breaking up the long rectangle. The ring is colorful, yet restrained and elegant in every way.

And then there is the shank: a wonderfully solid band of silver, shaped and chiseled in a pattern similar to the face of the ring and inlaid with two smooth pieces of lapis.

Beauty in front, beauty in back; the Navajo esthetic of beauty in all directions.

This is a marvelous piece of jewelry in both looks and workmanship – bold but refined.

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