Turquoise Mosaic Ring

Gilbert Begay


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Highly respected and collected, Gilbert Begay is a masterful inlay artist.

This ring showcases his expert skill and design sense, and marvelous stones.

Tiny pieces of natural turquoise are assembled in a patchwork mosaic pattern.

The variety of hues, darker and lighter, greenish and blue, creates a handsome effect, like the shifting tones of the ocean.

Down below, natural, deepest blue lapis is sparked by stripe of natural, dark red coral.

The silverwork is as carefully worked as the inlay: cut-out and chiseled rain designs flank the sides of the face, while the sturdy shank is also cut out- and inlaid with streaks of lapis, too.

The sturdy, ornamental and cut-out shank allows for resizing a bit, up or down.

Meticulous workmanship, artistic vision, and gorgeous stones, add up to a strikingly beautiful statement ring.

Enjoy it day, or night, casual or not.



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Natural Lapis | Natural Red Coral | Sterling Silver, Natural Turquoise

Ring Size

10 1/4


Face is 1 ½” L x ¾” W | Shank is ¼” W