Turquoise Mosaic Inlay Ring


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He is one of the many, relatively unsung jewelers who regularly produce beautiful work that is meticulously made.

This beautiful ring demonstrates that the artist has as sure a hand with inlay, as he does with overlay silver, for which he is primarily known.

A randomly arranged mosaic of inlaid blue turquoise adorns the face of this elegantly formed and proportioned ring, subtly evoking the ancient adobe brickwork of Anasazi ruins.

The turquoise ranges from ethereal pale blue to greener blue, to bright blue, to a piece with dark matrix, and even a spark of pyrite gold matrix.

This melange of tones and nearly imperceptible geometric shapes contributes to a rich tapestry of hues, and lovely depth.

Colorful, yet refined, the large, graceful oval is framed in a narrow band of lustrous polished silver.

The shank, too, is understated but very handsome; a wonderfully solid band of silver, lightly chiseled on both sides of the center, and glossily plain in the back for easy sizing.

Wonderfully comfortable on the finger, this is a striking piece of jewelry, splendid in both looks and workmanship – a bold statement that is beautifully refined and impeccably made.

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Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Ring Size



Face Size: 1 5/8"


Face Size: 7/8"