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Turquoise Micro-Inlay Bracelet


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The foremost bibliography of Indian jewelry artists says: “Carl and Irene Clark are among the greatest Indian jewelers in history.”

The fame of their incredibly tiny mosaic inlay pieces is world-wide, wherever their micro-fine pieces are proudly worn and exhibited. When you wear a piece of the Clark’s micro-mosaic jewelry, you wear a piece of jewelry history.

This, the newest piece of theirs that we have, is a departure in style, but not in their breathtaking skill and finely tuned artistry. A row of fabulous, large, highest quality natural Turquoise Mountain turquoise squares marches across the center of this masterful piece. The stones are hand cut, of course, and pillowed, so they raise slightly above their sterling settings. Each one is set in a little shadow box, so each stone is seen in its separate but equal glory. The rich patterns of matrix accord beautifully with the densely inlaid micro-mini mosaic squares at the edges, giving the bracelet a seamless, but lively, harmony.

In addition to the accents of mother of pearl and lapis, the natural turquoise mix in this mosaic pattern includes the following: Lone Mountain, Carico Lake, Indian Mountain, and Old Man Mine Kingman. All together these minuscule squares form a teensy-scale echo of the large square cabochons in the center. Clever and gorgeous design.

The inside is another tour-de-force: a beautiful pattern of leaves and flowers impressed in the silver. As richly detailed as a tapestry, both interior and exterior – although different – are masterpieces of the jeweler’s art. Nothing less is expected of a Carl and Irene Clark piece!

Sterling Silver, Natural Turquoise Mt., Lone Mt., Carico Lake, Indian Mt., and Old Man Mine Kingman Turquoise, Natural Coral, Lapis, Mother of Pearl

Total Size: 6 5/8″ Cuff Size: 5 1/2″ Gap Size: 1 1/8″ Width: 1 1/4″