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Turquoise Leaf Necklace


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A daughter of the celebrated Zuni carver Leekya Deyuse, this fine artist learned to carve by helping her father. Sadly, she recently passed away. well into her eighties. She was probably the oldest carver still working in Zuni. She continued carving in her father’s famed style, including the celebrated turquoise leaves that were his specialty, as seen in this charming necklace.


Natural turquoise, carved into free-form leaves, hangs from natural red coral tube beads, interspersed with little turquoise nuggets. The turquoise is a beautiful, soft greenish- blue (or bluish-green). The leaves are hand cut on both sides, and the marks of the chisel are readily noticeable, when examined closely. With the irregular, frilly outlines and varied forms of the leaves the necklace has a lacy, fresh look – as if the leaves were blowing in a breeze. With its echoes of the past, this lovely necklace is a collector’s piece, especially since the last direct link to the great Leekya Deyuse is now gone.


And, it is a supremely wearable piece of jewelry. It looks gorgeous with your sweaters, t-shirts, dresses, jeans, slacks or skirts. And, will suit the confident gentleman who likes tradition just as well. Sarah said that she prayed for everyone in the world while making a piece, including the eventual owner. She prayed that the piece will bring the owner “a good life”. More than merely a pretty piece, this necklace is special for many reasons.

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Natural Coral and Turquoise, Sterling Silver


25 1/2" long ((30" with additional chain length), Leaf at bottom is 1 1/4" long x 1" wide