Turquoise Inlaid Ring

Leo Yazzie


Oval silver ring with long, slender center oval in clear blue, natural turquoise. Boxed silver border inlaid in same turquoise, natural red coral and jet. Flat silver surrounds center stone, with finely stepped lobes.

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TImeless style, impeccable workmanship, and extraordinary materials characterize the work of this celebrated artist, and this lovely ring has it all. Long noted for working in gold, he has turned more and more to all silver pieces as the price of gold has risen, making it difficult for artists, as well as collectors, to acquire the metal.

In this serenely beautiful ring, the clearest blue, natural Sleeping Beauty turquoise forms a slender, graceful oval. Set in a simple bezel, a bit above the surrounding silver, it seems to give off its own radiance. The silver surround is highly polished, and cut into stepped scallops. The discreet stepped design refers to rain, very good luck for the Navajo desert dwellers. The sky-blue turquoise also suggests water.

Inlaid edges in the boxed silver face of the ring are a signature of Leo Yazzie’s work. Here, black jet, is accented with matching turquoise and red coral. All are natural, of course. The black adds a sharp, anchoring contrast, taking the ring from sweet to splendid. The shank is cut out into tiny stepped rain designs, two on each side of the center. The rest is perfectly simple, in keeping with the understated elegance of the design. It is also quite simple to resize, if that is necessary.

With its beautiful combination of perfect proportions, workmanship and materials, this ring is a Leo Yazzie classic.



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Natural Coral, Natural Jet, Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Ring Size



1 1/8" high x 3/4" wide, shank 1/4" wide