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Turquoise Horned Toad


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The Cheama family are among the most highly respected, prize-winning carvers in Zuni Pueblo, and Lance is one of the best of the family. He is noted for the realistic detail in his fetish carvings, as in this winsome horned toad.

Horned toads are sacred to the Navajo, revered as powerful protectors. They are frequently seen all over the high desert.

Sometimes, Zuni carvers will make horned toads for Navajo customers; sometimes for themselves.

This adorable little fellow is carved from a mossy green turquoise, with brown matrix. His eyes are jet, found in the area near Zuni.

He is looking around, ready to scuttle away, but really he wants to scuttle to a new home that he can protect. A charmer from a noted, award-winning carver.



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Jet, Turquoise


1 1/2" L x 7/8" W x 1/2" H