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Turquoise Glass Seed Pot


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Celebrated sculptor, musician, jeweler, and now, hot-blown glass artist, Adrian has created a ravishing seed pot.

Like a giant drop of water, this beautiful piece looks as evanescent as a bubble, but is actually quite solid.

The color is tropical-sea turquoise, and the surface has been frosted with a pattern of concentric lines that resemble watery ripples.

Polished over the frosted ripples, a series of graceful loops and swirls curl around the flattened form..

Representing water signs, these curving forms rise from the bottom of the piece, which is entirely polished.

When light hits these polished areas, iridescent highlights are seen, like pastel oil slicks.

The shape of the pot, with its small opening, is that of a seed pot, where seeds were safely kept over the winter.

With that form, and the watery color, texture and symbols, the symbolic message is that the seeds will have enough precious water to become flourishing crops.

The small cross shape refers to the prayer that this good luck may spread to all four corners of the earth.

With its breathtaking aura of delicate splendor, this glass olla is a gorgeous blend of traditional form and symbolism, executed in a totally contemporary medium.

When the light pours through it, the effect is magical.

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Hot-Blown Glass


5 1/2" H x 7 3/8" diameter