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Turquoise, Feather and Rain Ring


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Mentored by the late, great, Gibson Nez (no relation), Leonard shared a love of rodeo, as well as prize-winning jewelry-making, with that master jeweler.

Insistence on precise silver work and high-quality, natural stones, is also something they had in common.

This splendid ring shows all of the above. A spectacular, natural Kingman turquoise is cut into a rounded shield shape.

The vivid blue of the stone is covered with lighter areas that look like drops of water. This special, natural look is called “water web”, and is much sought-after.

That rounded, slightly tapered, shape of the stone is echoed in the silver setting that embraces it

Applied silver gleams, flat against a darkened background, in a narrow shadowbox effect.

Around most of the turquoise, the silver is chiseled into delicate, perfectly regular, tapered feathers; above the stone, these blend into a curved and stepped design.

Feathers denote prayers, and the stepped design is usually a symbol for water, and/or a kiva, a sacred place.

The border around the face of the ring is rounded and plain. Its plump edge glistens in the light, and echoes the raised stone.

Both the superb stone and the beautiful silver design harmonize with each other, creating a statement ring that is chic, unusual, striking, and tasteful – a combination not often seen.

Looks like a million, but it’s perfect for a beer budget.

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Natural Kingman Water Web Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Ring Size



Face is ! 1/8" L x 1 1/8" W | Stone is 1/2" L x 5/8" W \ Shank is 1/4" W