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Turquoise Dragonfly Pin


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Avidly collected on several continents around the world, this award-winning artist is renowned for the beauty and quality of his materials, the exactitude of his workmanship and the simplicity of his designs. The dragonfly pin is his signature piece, and this is one of the loveliest.

The artist’s renowned eye for color is demonstrated by the vivid blue turquoise that contrasts so beautifully with the inspired accent of deep purple sugilite. Highly polished sterling silver edges the stones, and forms the eyes and part of the body. The artist’s genius is in such details. /p>

This iconic dragonfly will skim across your lapel, or hover happily from a collar or chain. Don’t let it fly away!

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Sugilite, Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver


2 1/8"


2 1/4"