Turquoise, Coral and Variscite Cuff

Causandra Dukepoo


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A mother, and wife to award-winning jeweler Michael Dukepoo, this busy lady manages to create her own award-winning jewelry, in her own beautiful style.

Case in point: this strikingly different bracelet.

The main stone, boasting a dense, lacy web of matrix covering most of the pieces, is New Landers; not turquoise, but natural variscite.

According to Wikipedia, variscite is “a relatively rare phosphate mineral…sometimes confused with turquoise.”

And intriguingly handsome, with bits of pale green showing through the dark webs.

Bright, blue/green, natural turquoise is inlaid across the bracelet, together with accents of rich red, natural coral, in a mosaic pattern.

The stones are not the only interesting feature of this piece; the asymmetrical form is very different.

The narrow cuff is interrupted by two larger squares of inlaid stones that protrude above and below the cuff itself.

The whole bracelet is bordered by a canted frame of polished and chiseled silver, that is the same width all over, including the squares.

In a nice touch of artistry, Causandra has offset the squares: one is almost in the center, and one is off to the side, in an ergonomic design that follows the curve of your wrist.

This gives the bracelet a totally unexpected, and interesting look, than perfect symmetry would.

The stormy look of the variscite is punctuated by the accents of clear turquoise and red coral.

Together with the unusual proportions, and the asymmetrical design, these stones create an eye-catching, uncommon bracelet.

Very comfortable on the wrist, and fascinating to the eye: Gorgeous, in fact, and it will go with just about everything in your wardrobe!

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