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Fun, fashionable, and flawless, too, this ring is a marvelous example of Dylan Poblano’s distinctive, contemporary sensibility – and of his fine workmanship. Included in national museum shows before the age of 30, this multiple award winner has created a futuristic statement ring using the most traditional of materials: natural turquoise and sterling silver. This unique ring will wow them in every world capital, and is typical of the artist’s innovative style. He is the third generation of notable Zuni artists, and each one was/is known for taking Zuni tradition beyond the expected.


A top-quality, natural, turquoise is the beautiful center of a circle composed of three silver wires, loosely arranged. Above and below the stone, attached to the silver bezel, is a plump silver dome. The shank embraces the stone at the sides, and is an amazing design: layered layers (I counted 8) of sterling silver, shaped into a smooth and polished shank, flared and fanned at the ends like ruffled ribbons.

For all the novelty of the design, it refers to tradition. The circle resembles the sun motifs of old, and the domes and ends of the shank are placed to resemble an updated version of the four geographical directions, so often seen in more traditional designs. Light, bright, and comfortable on the finger, this ring is meticulously hand fabricated, creatively designed and stylistically stunning. That it actually incorporates age-old Zuni symbolism in a space-ship esthetic is a mark of this artist’s immense and unique gift.


Enjoy the amazed and enthralled attention you will get when you wear this ring, everywhere in the world. Avant-garde, with strong roots in the past; the new look of Native jewelry.



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Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver

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7 1/4