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Turquoise Bubble Pendant


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College graduate, horse trainer and active roper in rodeos…. Oh, and he is also a major-prize-winning jeweler who has won the prestigious, peer-voted “Artist of the Year” award several times (!) from the Indian Arts and Crafts Association, where he is active in protecting authentic Native American arts from overseas and home-grown fraud. There isn’t a straight line in this bubbly pendant; the medley of circles conveys the delight of floating bubbles that waft about in the breeze. The techniques are masterful: the concave circles that form the body are darkened in contrast to the sheen of the rest of the silver. A lovely blue turquoise – also round – nestles in the topmost circle spicing up the piece with color. If you look closely, and/or with some imagination, this bubbly pendant might also resemble a Mudhead. The turquoise is in his face, and the three little circles on top and at either side, the blobs of mud that characterize this Pueblo clown. Whether bubbles or Mudhead, this is a delightful and handsome pendant. A wonderful way to start collecting this major jeweler’s work.

Sterling Silver, Turquoise

Width: 1 3/8″ Height: 3 1/4″