Turquoise and Textured Silver Dangles


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How can you go wrong?

Sensuous in shape, flattering, flirty, and with lovely turquoise that will light up every complexion and coloring; glamorous earrings by these veteran jewelers, that are priced with realism. (for which we are grateful.)

Designed as two teardrop forms, the smaller pointing up, the larger pointing down, these are made for holidays, happy occasions, or just hanging out – beautifully.

The combination of luscious teal turquoise supporting beautifully textured, graceful silver dangles is harmonious and casually elegant.

Varied matrix patterns in the turquoise bring the hand-stamped abstract texture of the silver to the tops, while the silver glitters and the turquoise gleams smoothly.

French wires make wearing them a breeze, and you will love the compliments these beauties attract.

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Stabilized Turquoise, Sterling Silver


2 12" L x 7/8" W