Turquoise and Shell Heishi Necklace



An age-old form of jewelry, brought up-to-date by modern tools and artistic vision.

Heishi – disks or tubes of shell or stone – used to be laboriously drilled on hand made pump drills, which you twirled like a top, and polished between pieces of rough bark.

Now, the shell or stone still has to be cut into tiny squares, drilled precisely, and buffed to form a wee cylinder.

Dental drills can create minuscule beads that are machine-buffed to a satiny gleam and smoothness, but, there is still a pile of broken debris at the end, just like centuries ago.

This beautiful heishi necklace is comprised of ten strands of baby olive shell, mixed with handsome turquoise, in an imaginative design that we are pretty sure was created by Josephine Coriz.

It has all of her hallmarks: exceptionally tiny and regular turquoise and shell heishi, mixed together in a characteristic design for which she has won prizes.

However, this is how she brought it in, and we have no certain identification. We are happy to place the string ends in silver cones, if you wish.

Each strand of heishi measures less than 2 centimeters in diameter!! All 10 strands are only 5/8 of an inch wide.

The warm brown and turquoise hues are wonderfully compatible, and will go with all sorts of colors.

Light as a feather, classic, tailored, casual; any way you wear it, this necklace will be a regular favorite, alone, or with other chains, small beads, or heishi.

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